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Army of the Rebuplic (Markov)


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Newbe help

Need help? Look here before asking me or others.

Want to look at your current status in the outfit? Click on the three heads bottom right, OR Shift-o. This also displays all members status and the outfit status.
FOLLOW orders from either your squad commander or higher ranking officer. This, however does not mean follow outrageous orders, but you will have to use your better judgment on that.
Please don't /tell me (Termination) everytime I get on. PLEASE don't, we are a large outfit and I don't like to be spamed every login :)

You get outfit points by killing and taking bases.

Spawn near you died, usually the closest area unless told otherwise, but if you are a MAX and cannot use a spawn truck this is understandible.
Strafe, don't stand there and shoot at close range! Move around, make yourself a harder target!
If you are new at aircraft or vehicles, please get a feel for them in the training ground. It's not usually a good idea to get 10 people killed along with me :)

Be polite, I know you feel like yelling and screaming at a person that ran you over, but don't it refects how people think of your fellow outfit mates.
Someone TK you? Just be happy to know he is always 1 step closer to getting a weapons lock when a MAX comes to blow off his freaking head.
Don't /tell people that killed you its a game, if you can't handle the enemy killing you. leave.