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Army of the Rebuplic (Markov)


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Rules, Guidelines & Info

Rules, Guidlelines, and Information.

Tking rules: 1. If i get a report of you TKing by at least 2 people you get a warning.
2. If I get 2 people saying to TKed that same week you are banned from outfit squads for 5 days.
3. Last strike, this will result in demotion and if you still a recruit you will be kicked.


If you are not on for more than 5 days in a row, you will be kicked. If you E-mailing me stating you will be gone longer than a week you may be inactive or 30 days. (Update: if you have 100 outfit points you may be inacitive for 7 days)


Only officers have to know this: You may do an open recruit over broadcast channel or however you like IF we are not the largest outfit. Check this by going to your outfit tab and clicking list. Otherwise I do all recruiting in forums. Failure to listen to this rule will result in a demotion.